Overdue post from Italy

Dylan in Piazza. My First Italian Christmas
Dylan in Piazza. My First Italian Christmas

December 23, 2012
Dear Dylan,

Aplomb. That is the word to describe how well you have adjusted to the pace and rhythm of Italian life. Granted, the pace here is arguably well suited to a baby. Sleep, drink, eat, Enjoy family. But I am sticking with my assessment. This is your first Christmas in the Veneto and you were the hit of the Piazza this season. You arrived demonstrating no visible signs of jet lag and let us wheel you right into the middle of things. You stoically weathered all of the people who could not resist saying “Che bello questo bimbo!” and reaching their cold and flu season streaked hands in to stroke your face and head with all manner of microbial affection.

We even made a sign in Italian that said “non toccare il bimbo abordo” but it had little affect on your fans.

So I say bravo to you little man. Vivi a lungo e prospera!

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