Level up quickly

Dear Dylan,

You picked a fairly ideal setting to grow up. We have a nice place here called Amber wood,  on three and a half acres of rolling woodlands. There is a natural spring that babbles musically down to a swampy bog, with all manner of amphibians and creatures for your viewing and hunting pleasure. I also cut a quarter mile nature trail that loops through it and identified trees and shrubs marked with QR code signs. Your Mom swaps out the destination web pages just to keep us guessing.

I also built two tree houses back in the woods. I would like to build a third, but your Mom has said enough. If you want another we will have to build it under cover of night or something. I have been dreaming about a zip line between them, but I don’t see any way of getting that past your Mother. Maybe you can work on her when you are older. Try to work it into a school extra credit project or something so she can’t say no.

Your sister has populated the trail and woods with all manner of fantastic creatures with her imagination, including the usual complement of fairies and at least one Dragon named Leo and a troll named Snowflake who lives under a bridge I built over the stream. Her latest discovery is something called a Dresden Wood Elf Harpy.. These things are apparently quite fierce and present a bizarre appearance. I have asked her to make a sketch of one for you so you know it if and when you see it.

Your sister and I have been keeping them at bay with magic and weapons over the last year. We look forward to you joining the battle. Your Mom won’t help. She actually looks askance at us when we don capes and swords and spells and potions to go out and do battle. Before you reach manhood I expect you will become very acquainted with the word “askance” and the disapproving look it describes from women of various ages and demeanors. We can talk about coping and avoidance strategies later.

Now, your sister has taken on the noble powers of healing and damage dealing from the “Cleric” class. I took on the “Tank” roll to take all of that nasty Wood Elf Harpy Aggro while she damages and heals. This makes for long fights. It would be great if you could roll a DPS toon. With those elf  ears I imagine you already have some plus ups for agility that will help. If all of this is confusing, please consult a D&D manual or http://www.Thottbot.com

Live long and prosper



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