Day Three

Dear Dylan, 

I have been under a bit of stress and a little sleep deprived. Sorry about complaining about your very understandable needs. I mean, you are only two days old. As a man, I completely understand your wanting to play this stage to the hilt. Please accept my apologies. 

I will, however, your Mother’s remonstrances notwithstanding, not apologize for the comment about Spock ears. It’s the truth and you will just have to learn to live with it. Turn it into a strength somehow. You know, Hitler only had one testicle.





Dear Dylan,

Your Mom didn’t like me bringing up Hitler and posting it on Facebook. Hopefully the Interwebs spider search algorithms won’t forever jointly tag you two. What I was trying to say is that a weakness often brings forth compensating forces. So, in a way, you should be thankful for those freakish ears. 

Come on, you have blonde hair and probably blue eyes and an athletic build for a two day old. You have an awesome Dad. You will do alright




Dear Dylan,

Mom wanted me to add a reminder that you have an awesome Mom too. She said something about the definition of awesome is really when a woman goes through the pains of child birth naturally without the help of modern medicine etc etc yadda yadda yadda. You know how she can go on about herself. But you and I know the truth. We guys have to stick together.

Oh, and she also said I can’t call your ears freakish anymore. I am sure you will grow into them, or get a cool gig with a sci fi punk band or something

Live long and prosper.

Love, Dad

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